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Taking orders for Soft fleece blankets

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These are some Yummy and very warm blankets I have been making. They are made of some very soft fleece material. I can make these for children like in the pictures they completely cover a toddlers bed. or larger but the larger they go the price also goes up too. These are like the no sew blankets but I do the stripped ones like in the pic and that does require some sewing or I can do the traditional no sew with two colors. I did a large one for my 2 year old and the front was a soft purple and the back was a mint green. The blanket in the above pic is a cream and mint green, would be great for a little boy or someone doing a babies room in the older winnie the pooh, they tend to have alot of the sage green and cream color in it. But My prices would be for a blanket like the one above 12 dollars plus 2 dollars to ship. You get to choose any two colors and if you want it stripped like the green one or one color on one side and the other color on the other side. It takes me about 3 hours to do a blanket this size so I can get them out to you quickly. I Charge 20 dollars for the bigger blankets and you have the same options. I can also do theme blankets like a army blanket or strawberry shortcake, with those you would have to tell me what you wanted and I would go to the fabric store or co-op and see how much the yardage would cost and give you a price. Depending on where I get the fleece some panels are more expensive, like a yard of strawberry shortcake at JoAnne's is 14 dollars. Please email me with any questions and orders and I will give you the info you need for payment and like I said I can do 1 blanket in about 3 hours so I can do them fairly quickly:)
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