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Blood Roses

This is the last time I will post to advertise. I feel bad about it because I know these communities aren't for selling but I promise I will not plaster the community anymore.
New Braclets
I just got these in today and they are $11.50 shipped. These are pretty heavy due to the size of the chain they are on, that is why they are a bit more.
The first one says "Help Bring Them Home"

This one says "I support the soldiers who insure my freedom with their lives!"

On both of these you can take the charms off and put them on a necklace if you like.
All of the braclets are made with metal and or glass beads coated with silver plating.

And last but not least, here are some more pics of the original braclet which I still have a lot of, $7.50 shipped for 1 or $14 shipped for 2.

Thanks for looking.
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o0o those are really pretty...
I am rotating them so I can wear them all. :)
Hi, I'd really like to buy the top one that says, help bring them home. I don't get paid until next Friday though so I'm wondering if they'll still be available. My bf leaves for Iraq in January :( so I'd really like to get one. Lemme know. :)
Yeah I can put one back for you, also I will be getting some more before Christmas I think.
My hubby leaves soon too :(
Just email me and I can give you the info and hold one till you have the cash.
Sounds good. What's your email address?
Sorry I forgot to put my email in the post.

Deleted comment

I just emailed you.

Deleted comment

Just checking back before I go out of town. Are you still interested in the braclets? If so please let me know your status, I.E if you are wanting to get one at a later date, if you have sent payment, or if you are just not interested anymore.
Thanks so much

Deleted comment

sounds good I will put you in the pay soon pile.

Deleted comment

It's the middle of January and I just stumbled across here. Is it too late?
Yeah they are still available. If you will email me I can get you the payment info. Also I have some new stuff in my selling journal bjerks_goodies